DJ Slater & U-Prag drummers

DJ Slater & U-Prag drummers


Michal Smetana aka DJ Slater is label/booking manager and A&R of internationally well-known electronic music label Tribal Vision Records and at the same time one of the most renowned Czech DJs abroad.

His carrier started in the late 1990’s, during the big boom of dance music in Prague. In the last decade he performed at countless parties and festivals across the globe, held in almost all the European countries from Portugal to Russia, Sweden to Greece and everywhere in between, as well as oversea locations such as Japan, Brazil, USA, Canada, Australia, China, Mexico, Israel, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia or Chile. You might have already heard his sets at huge international festivals such as Boom (PT), Glade (UK), Fusion (DE), Ozora (HU), Freedom (PT), Voov Experience / VuuV (DE), Aurora (GR), Soulclipse (TR), Sonica (IT), Virada Cultural (BRA), Antaris Project (DE), Akasha (AUS), Antiworld (UK), Tribal Park (MEX), Spirit Base (AT), Atmosphere (CH), Sundance (MEX), Enigma (BRA), Sol (SP), The Equinox (MEX), Paradise (AT) or Fullmoon (DE) as well as the prestigious clubs in Shanghai, Tokyo, New York, London, Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, Paris, Mexico City, Sao Paolo, New Delhi, Berlin, Osaka, Moscow, Lisbon and many other places. These days, DJ Slater is playing a unique fusion of progressive trance and psychedelic techno, always including a lot of fresh new stuff from label related artists.

DJ Slater has been also collaborating with different artists in the studio on brand new tracks and remixes and as a result there were releases coming out recently – including well-known hits King of the Night, Virus, Springish, The Clap, East Block, Virada, King of the Day, Prague Full of Snakes or remixes for artists such as Vibrasphere or Jaia. His tracks have been remixed by heavy weights such as Jerome Isma-Ae, Beckers, 16 Bit Lolitas, Manuel De La Mare, Koen Groeneveld, Andrea Bertolini, Perfect Stranger, Ticon, Fiord, Komytea, Magitman, Weekend Heroes, Ben Coda or Lish. Slater has also compiled more than 30 CDs for various labels around the world and as a creative director of Tribal Vision Records he is to be found behind the album releases of artists such as Vibrasphere, Jaia, Brisker & Magitman, Peter Gun, Tegma, Duca, AstroNivo, Solid Snake or Fitalic and countless singles and EPs.

Besides his regular dj sets, Slater is also performing with his live project DJ Slater & U-Prag Drummers, consisting of Akai APC 40 controlled Ableton Live, keyboard, different sets of live percussion, cello and other live instruments.

Played in countries so far: Japan, Canada, Australia, Brazil, United States, China, Mexico, India, Israel, Turkey, Morocco, Switzerland, Chile, Russian Federation, Portugal, Sweden, France, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Serbia, Greece, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Poland, Spain, Tunisia, Croatia, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Czech Republic…

All session by DJ Slater & U-Prag drummers