Chong X


One of the most interesting up and coming producers now is the Czech native operating in Peru under Chong-X.

Chong-X has started with his own music production in the early days of 1996 in jungle-ragga style. That led him in 2000 to now nonexistent Aphrikka sound system, where he became regular performer, most often in tandem with DJ Mad4ce. His production on the Czech scene gained fame mainly through his novel remixes, many riddims and by the original dubstep or variations of classical Jamaican standards.

In 2005, the Aphrikka sound system transformed into Roots ‚n‘ Future collective, with which Chong-X continued his successful live performances. A few years ago, his interested began moving towards the Tropical, Dutch House and just recently to Moombahton, integrating both into its production, and into his DJ set.

In 2010, along with his equally talented fellow producer Don Pedropoulos based digital label, Lamat Records, which focuses on the fusion of local traditional genre with the current sound of European dance floors – Global Bass, Tropical, Moombaton. The first feat of the label appeared in the April 2011 split E.P. titled „Hulk Attack“ on two tracks from both producers and other recordings are due soon.

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Chong X

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